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Tesla Muscle Former for Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Urinary incontinence is most commonly experienced after pregnancy due to a weakening in the pelvic floor muscles, especially when an episiotomy cut is made in the pelvic floor muscle during delivery to allow the baby to come out more easily.

Sometimes there may also be damage to the nerves that control the bladder. Up to one third of women experience some form of urinary incontinence after delivery, and this can happen when we sneeze, cough or during sexual intercourse.

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Other than childbearing, our pelvic floor muscles also start to weaken as we age.

Kegel exercises which comprise the lifting, holding, and then relaxing of your pelvic floor muscles can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which surround the vagina. By strengthening  pelvic floor muscles, we can also address vaginal tissue laxity – another common problem after childbirth.

However, many women may not be sure of the right way to perform the Kegel exercises. Even if they know how to do it, they are not consistently doing it due to their busy routine.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

with the Tesla Muscle Former Chair

This is where modern medical technology comes in to help us strengthen and rehabilitate the weakened pelvic floor muscles.


Unlike the Tesla Muscle Former “paddle” used to tone other parts of the body, the patient sits on the Tesla Muscle Former chair uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), which uses pulses of high intensity electromagnetic field to contract the pelvic floor and back muscles.

The Tesla Muscle Former Chair can treat :

It is recommended that patients do the Tesla Muscle Former treatment after a Exilis Ultra Femme 360 treatment for optimal results.

How does Tesla Muscle Former work?

Tesla Muscle Former uses FMS to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles in the vaginal area. The treatment works by delivering focused, magnetic field to induce pulses of electrical current in our body’s nerve pathways. This activates the motor neurons of the muscle, leading to contractions of the muscles that we want to target.

It can contract and release the muscle 75,000 times within a single 45 min session. It causes the muscles to contract and relax. This contraction and relaxation cycle mimics the effect of kegel exercises, but at a much higher intensity and frequency, making it more effective.

This increases the strength and volume of our pelvic floor muscles, the muscle group which tones and tightens the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina.

The high-intensity electromagnetic pulses also stimulate the growth of new muscle fibers and increase blood flow to the treated area. Over time, this leads to stronger, more toned muscles, which can improve urinary incontinence and vaginal tissue laxity.

Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Tesla Muscle Former for Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening

What to expect during a Tesla Muscle Former treatment?

Each treatment session lasts approximately 45 minutes, and patients typically require eight sessions done once a week for optimal results. The number of sessions required may vary depending on the patient's condition and their individual goals.

The use of these treatments/products is dependent on the clinical assessment and judgement of a medical professional. Please consult a medical doctor for an informed discussion on the use of this treatment/product.

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