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Authentic CoolSculpting

“Dr Terence Tan and his team are very experienced in executing CoolSculpting treatments.”
- Ng Ju Ann

“If you are considering to do CoolSculpting treatment, I would definitely recommend Dr. Terence Tan and his team from Halley Body Slimming Clinic, as an experienced doctor and CoolSculpting team really play a big part in aesthetics treatment.”
- Hannah Chia

What is your Body Goal

What is

Your Body Goal

We understand body goals.
  • You want to lose the weight and keep it off.
  • You want to remove stubborn fat—the muffin top, the flapping 'bye bye' arms, and the bulging abdomen that exercising has failed to remove.
  • You desire toned arms and abs, but I’m sure you want to be toned everywhere too.

At our Weight Loss Clinic, we offer a range of treatments that help you to achieve your desired body shape.

*Do note that results varies from every individual.




Weight Management
Weight Management

Lose weight and slim down safely, effectively, with no rebound.

Fat Reduction
Fat Reduction

Lose body fat so that you can wear whatever you like.

Body Firming
Body Firming

Firm saggy skin and gain muscle tone without breaking a sweat.

Let Our Dream Team Help Your Dream Body Take Shape

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The Halley Slimming Booklet was written by our very own Halley Slimming Ambassadors as a companion for those who have embarked on a journey with us to achieve their body goals. With this booklet, our doctors will guide you through a goal-setting process to come up with a set of achievable and realistic slimming goals. The booklet also highlights some of the weight loss medications that are safe, effective, and approved by health authorities to help you accomplish and sustain your slimming results, and much more!

Download This Slimming Booklet

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