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Vanquish Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction with vanquish

Body contouring through fat reduction is about shaping your body by removing unwanted fat on specific areas of your body like your arms or abdomen. Despite what most people think, targeted fat loss isn’t achievable through exercise alone. Doing crunches and sit ups for instance, is not going to remove the bulge on the tummy although such exercises can improve muscle tone and definition.

Unlike weight loss and body slimming, fat reduction will not move the needle on the weighing scale. Body contouring through fat reduction helps us look better and feel more confident in the clothes we wear as it gets rid of awkward bulges of body fat that would otherwise be “sticking out” of our clothes.

Fat reduction with Vanquish is one of the fat reduction treatments available in Halley Body Slimming Clinic and can be used as a standalone or complementary treatment with other fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting depending on your desired result.

What is Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish is the mass and general debulking of fat over the treated area. It is a no downtime, non-invasive treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) that uses the thermal energy of radio frequency (RF) waves to selectively heat and destroy fat cells.

Vanquish uses contactless, deep-tissue heating to remove fat in problematic areas. It does this by carefully bringing the subcutaneous adipose tissue to 40-42°c, targeting and destroying only fat cells in the treatment area.

Unlike traditional liposuction which requires incisions and has a long downtime, Vanquish works by delivering heat energy to the targeted fat cells, causing them to break down and be eliminated naturally by the body’s lymphatic system over the course of a few days.

Which Body Area Can It Treat?

Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction
Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction
Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction
Outer and inner thighs
Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction

What are the Benefits of Vanquish Fat Reduction?

Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction


There are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no downtime required. This makes it a safe and effective option for people who are looking for a convenient, hassle-free way to achieve their desired body shape.

Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction

Can be used to treat a wide range of body areas

Treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, hips, and flanks. This makes it a versatile option for people who are looking to target specific areas of stubborn fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Halley Body Slimming Clinic|Vanquish Fat Reduction

Comfortable treatment

Vanquish is a comfortable treatment. Most people report only a warm sensation during the session.

What Can You Expect During a Vanquish Treatment in Singapore?

Our therapist will place you in a comfortable position on the treatment bed or seated in a comfortable position depending on your treatment area. She will then place the applicator about 1 cm away from your treatment area.

During treatment, the therapist will tune the power to achieve the desired temperature. She will also monitor the temperature of the treated area and make the necessary adjustments.

You should feel a homogenous or even heating on your skin, not hot spots.


What to Expect After Treatment?

The recommended treatment frequency is four treatments, once a week. The doctor may prescribe more treatments if required during consultation.

Studies have shown an average of 29% reduction of fat thickness and 4-5 cm reduction of waist circumference after four vanquish treatments.

You can speed up the removal of the dead fat cells with an add-on X-Wave Fat Crusher treatment before your Vanquish fat reduction treatment. The targeted vibration of the X-Wave device on your skin will increase blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, which speeds up the removal of the destroyed fat cells from your body.

For an even more aesthetically attractive result, pair fat reduction with our Exilis Ultra 360 skin tightening treatment to achieve a firm and sculpted body.

The use of these treatments/products is dependent on the clinical assessment and judgement of a medical professional. Please consult a medical doctor for an informed discussion on the use of this treatment/product.

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