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Fat Reduction with


Fat reduction is not the same as weight loss. While weight loss involves shedding away the kilos, it only makes our fat cells smaller, but the number of fat cells in our body remains the same. Fat reduction, on the other hand, targets fat cells and removes them from our body.

CoolSculpting is an US Food and Drug Administration or US FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that utilises cryolipolysis technology that targets only fat cells. The frozen and crystallised fat cells are eliminated and the fat cells are gone for the long term. CoolSculpting removes 20 - 25% of fat cells after each treatment.

Different Applicators To Target Different Body Parts

The CoolSculpting applicators come in different sizes, allowing the doctor to treat even hard-to-reach areas:

The CoolAdvantage Petite - shaped to treat the unique shape of the arm area.


CoolMini - targets small pocket of fat from a double chin, armpit fat, and knee fat.


CoolCurve+, CoolCore, CoolMax, and CoolFit - bigger applicators to target love handles, back or bra fat, abdomen, butt cheeks, and inner thighs.


CoolSmooth - non-pinchable areas of fat like the abdomen and flanks while the CoolSmooth Pro is a surface applicator for outer thighs.


CoolAdvantage and CoolAdvantage Plus - Its enhanced cup design as well as a larger cooling area reduces treatment time by half. The larger area increases direct tissue contact, and treats bigger areas of the body.

Here at Halley Body Slimming Clinic, we have multiple machines to accomodate the rising popularity of CoolSculpting.

Make your CoolSculpting four times faster with QuadSculpting

For time-starved individuals, Halley Body Slimming Clinic offers QuadSculpting, which uses four CoolSculpting machines to treat four areas at one go. With that, your CoolSculpting treatment duration will be four times faster* than before!

Treat four areas in only 35 minutes*. Consult our doctors for a customised CoolSculpting plan.

*Actual duration may vary depending on treatment areas and applicators prescribed.

Fat Reduction with


Vanquish is a no downtime, non-invasive treatment approved by the US FDA that uses the thermal energy of radio frequency (RF) waves to destroy fat cells. It uses contactless, deep-tissue heating to remove fat in problematic areas like the arms, abdomen, flank, and thighs. It does this by carefully bringing the subcutaneous adipose tissue to 40-42°c, which the dead fat cells are then passed out of your body naturally.

What to Expect After Treatment?

Studies have shown an average of 29% reduction of fat thickness and 4-5cm reduction of waist circumference after four treatments.

Fat Reduction with


Utilising thermal heat generated from high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, fat cells can be eliminated by targeting the layer of fat under your skin with precision. During this no-downtime, non-invasive treatment, a beam of high-intensity ultrasound energy is directed to the desired region of fat beneath the skin to specifically target problem areas effectively. Your body then naturally disposes of these fat cells — so they are gone for the long-term. Areas that can be treated using HIFU include the abdomen, inner thighs, back of thighs, hips, and arms.

Fat Reduction with

Exilis Ultra 360

Exilis Ultra 360 (Exilis) is a no downtime US FDA-approved treatment. It is non-invasive and combines two popular and medically-proven technologies — radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound — to remove fat cells from the targeted body areas. The thermal heat generated from the RF and ultrasound targets the deeper layers of the skin, causing fat lipolysis. Fat lipolysis is the process whereby fat cells are broken down and removed from the body.

This process encourages collagen production, which helps to tighten and lift loose, saggy skin.

With regular Exilis treatments, you will notice that your skin will become firmer and fat bulges smaller in those treated areas.

Speed Up Removal of

Dead Fat Cells

You can speed up the removal of the dead fat cells with our “X-Wave Fat Crusher” add-on treatment. The targeted vibration of the X-Wave device on your skin after your CoolSculpting, Vanquish, HIFU or Exilis treatments also breaks up and loosens cellulite, smoothening the uneven appearance of the skin.

For an even more aesthetically attractive result, pair fat reduction with our Exilis skin tightening treatment to achieve a firm and sculpted body.

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